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October 19, 2020

Episode 05: What are the two things I do to generate open rates that WOW

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Hello, friends, and welcome to episode five of the conversion lab podcast. My name is Rachel Harper, and I’m your host, I am so excited to have you here for this bonus episode this week. Tonight, we’re going to be talking about what are the two things I do to generate open rates that Wow. So you’ve done all the work, right, you’ve created the opt in, you’ve grown your list, you’ve nurtured it, and you’re finally ready to launch your next big offer.

Then reality kind of hits, right. And you realize the average open rate is roughly 21%. Now, this varies by business type. But this gives us a good starting point to work with. And while 21% is much higher than any social media post is going to see, I still feel like you grown and worked and cultivated this list and you want to show it off, right? So I work with my clients to increase those open rates in a variety of ways. But there are two in particular that have generated results that are straight up business changers. Okay, I’m going to tell you both of them right now. The first is personalization. So according to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. That’s a huge number. As a consumer, I am far more likely to notice an email that’s utilizing my name. Hi, Rachel, what are you doing tomorrow night want to join me for my new webinar, I’m going to catch that I’m going to see Rachel and think, Oh, I know this person and peek at the email. Now am I going to join the webinar, I don’t know. But I am a lot more likely to have it catch my eye and find it more engaging. Okay, friends, the second item is by far the most important and I can’t wait to share it with you. If you don’t have a piece of paper and a pencil, grab one right now, because you’re going to want to write this down, you need to be re sending to the UN opens 24 hours after you have sent that email, or roughly 24 hours after you send that original email. And I know this concept scares so many of you and it did me at first as well. But I’ve done some research now and I have some tried and true stats to give you here in a minute of actual clients I work with and within my own newsletter list. So I know the scary feeling of not wanting to flood the inbox and have people unsubscribe or mark you as spam. But we have to keep in mind once again, that that number, that number in your email list is not the most important thing. If you have 100 names on your email list, and that is a very healthy, nurtured list. Those hundred people can be far more beneficial to your business than if you have 10,000 names on your list. And they rarely open they rarely buy and they don’t engage in your content. So it doesn’t matter what your number is. And I want to keep telling you that because as you’re growing these lists, that’s an important thing to keep in mind. But we want to get the content out in front to as many

Have those eyeballs as possible. So out of the nine client accounts that I manage, so there’s nine clients that I work with on a monthly basis to help them either develop content, or layout their newsletters and schedule everything and set everything up, right. And so out of those nine, I utilize this technique with all of them, it took me a little while for one to jump on board, but we got are now. And we have seen an increase of open rates anywhere from 12% to 23%. Up and above that original open rate. So in a recent email, I sent out to 663 of my subscribers announcing the launch of this podcast, we have achieved a 54% open rate on that one email. That’s right, 54%. It’s like unheard of. It’s amazing. It was about 30 hours after the first email went out that we sent out that second one. Now, there was a 25.8%, open rate on that second email. So that second email was even in itself above industry average. Now, there is a strategy to using this technique. And that strategy is really important. And I want to go over that. If you are someone who sends out a lot of content, you do not want to constantly be resending all of those items, you want to pick and choose, you want to choose what content is most important and the items you really want to land in the inbox. That is something that is I can’t stress enough. If you are someone who is sending out multiple sales emails a week, be really cautious in which pieces you are continuing to send out. First off, it’s not a great email strategy. It’s not a great email strategy to just slap them with sales information week after week, you want to give and we’re going to talk about this more in later episodes. But you need to be giving 90%. So you need to be giving 90% content out to your audience, you need to be teaching them you need to be engaging with them, depending on what your business is. And then 10% is the sale of you asking back for something. And that’s a really great ratio to keep in mind. So I want you to be really cautious when you utilize this technique as well, that you’re not constantly, you send five emails out a week, well, sister, we should probably be talking about your email strategy. But you don’t want to rescind all of those emails, you can achieve these really great numbers as well. And pretty much I think an email platform allows you to set up reasons, I work within MailChimp and ConvertKit for several clients, and 100% flow testers because that’s what I use in my business. So this extra bonus episode, we are putting a link in the show notes, and you can grab Flodesk for 50% off for lifetime access right now. And that’s also with a 30 day free trial. You want to use our code conversion Lounge at checkout to snag that deal. And for 19 bucks a month, you too can be getting open rates that wow. Now, how does this help your business to be seen?

Well, I think that’s sort of self explanatory. But this allows your emails and your business to land in their inbox to land right there in their lap, right. So utilizing these two techniques, one personalization, and two resending to unopened, to help push that open rate up and above industry average. And I mean 54% is a wowzer number, to get your numbers into that sort of Echelon and category time after time. This obviously helps your business to be seen. So by being seen more frequently, this will allow your business to scale. This will allow your business to grow and scale, the more frequent your contents able to be consumed. And then therefore you can sell keeping in mind that 9010 given 90% and ask for 10 in return. Okay, I hope you guys enjoy this bonus episode this week. I was just so excited about how our open rate landed with that first email and I thought I need to pop on and just share that information with everyone and also tell you how I made it happen. Okay, next week’s episode we’re going to be diving into the what I call the haws email welcome series method. It’s a really simple method to develop and greet your body

Welcome series, and it helps you nurture and get some genuine interaction as you get new subscribers on your list. Okay friends, I hope you have an amazing week and we’ll see you then. Bye guys.

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