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November 10, 2020

Episode 08: How to Plan a Holiday Promotion that Converts

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Description: Black Friday is looking a little different this year, with big retailers rolling out deals already.  No matter what you think of the “week” of shopping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday can’t be ignored.  So let’s chat about some practical and profitable ways to promote and convert your Holiday Sales.

Hello friends, and welcome to the conversion lab podcast. My name is Rachel Harper, your hostess and the owner of the conversion lounge, the one stop shop for all of your creative business resources. As a fellow business owner, entrepreneur, speaker and mom of two brief teens, I know what it takes to make a business Hmm. Are you ready to take a seat at my table, and learn how to be seen to scale and to sell your business? Then you my friend are in the right place. Each week, I will bring you actionable tools to implement in your creative business strategy. You will walk away with three new concepts to apply to your creative business to help you in your quest to be seen, to scale and to sell. The three S’s are guaranteed to help you grow your creative business. So get cozy, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, and get ready to make meaningful changes your business today. Hello friends and welcome to the conversion lab podcast. My name is Rachel Harper, and I’m your host. In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how to plan a holiday promotion that converts. And I’m going to give you some very practical ways to make this holiday season extremely profitable in your business. Black Friday is looking a little different this year. We all know this, right? The big retailers already rolling out Black Friday deals as anybody else received the 14 emails a day from Target. I mean, no matter what you think of the week of shopping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday cannot be ignored in your business. So let’s chat about some practical and profitable ways to promote and convert your holiday sales. So let’s just begin with, you know kind of what Black Friday is just in case you’re not aware. Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving has been the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season since the late 19th century, when President Abraham Lincoln designated the Thanksgiving holiday as the last Thursday in November. But that day didn’t earn the name Black Friday until much later. Now, traditionally, shoppers will be pushed to go into brick and mortar stores on that day, as well as on Small Business Saturday. But in our current climate, that’s not going to be the case, we’re going to have to really think outside of the box of how to promote sales without engaging people to converge in masses, right. Hence, this is why we are seeing Black Friday promotions coming at us left and right already early savings all those things. Now don’t get me wrong. And years past we’ve seen similar but it is definitely elevated already this year, I realized that we’ve all seen the means about 2020 being the longest year of our lives.

Yet here it is November 8, and I’m recording this podcast episode. It’s also almost the holiday buying season, I definitely made some purchases for Christmas already. Now, I wanted to begin by chatting about how to plan a Black Friday sale or promotion. And then I’m going to give you some tools on how you can roll out yours. And then I’m going to give you a real life example of exactly how I utilize my promotion. So first off planning, you want to come up with a idea. What do you want to offer that would entice both your warm audience and your cold audience? And if you don’t know what that is your warm audience are those people who are already on the email list follow you on social media, they engage with you they already love you. That cold audience are those people who haven’t maybe come across you yet or just aren’t, you know, adapters to your business yet. But you want a promotion that appeals to both. So some examples, you know, a discount on your products or services. And keep in mind once again, this really works. It doesn’t matter what your business is. Choosing the right promotion for your business is important based on your structure, but you can be photographer, you can be a wedding planner, you can be an author, you can be a podcaster, a course creator, it doesn’t matter what your business type is, it’s a matter of finding the right promotion to help you succeed in a really strong holiday season. So a discount a free gift with every order a new or limited edition product. You know, the buy one, get one free or buy one get one half off the you know, the famous BOGO, a secret or surprise discount special deals for existing and previous customers. Big one I love is free shipping. But I have to tell you, shipping has played a really intricate part in my planning for this holiday season. I have some big concerns with there being a lot of shipping delays. And so therefore, I actually made some changes in my typical holiday promotion, we’ll dive into that a little bit more soon. I highly recommend creating a multi day campaign, whether you decide hey, I’m gonna roll out my promotion well before Black Friday, or if you are going to wait and roll it out on Black Friday, and have the typical Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday type thing. Make sure you’re doing a multiple day promotion, I seen some really intricate deals over the years, you know, with a countdown of the 12 Days of Christmas, it really has everything to do once again with your business structure, and how you can convert that into a strong holiday sales.

So there’s the obvious there’s social media and your email list, right? I am big, big, big on that email list. And if no one listens to another thing I say, I hope last week during the election, that we all learn just how important an email list is. Because I guarantee you that all of you saw your stats down last week, social media was throttled. It didn’t matter how wonderful your content was, it was being stifled. Because as things are happening in this country, we don’t actually have control over Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter, we are at the mercy of others. That is why having that email list is just so imperative. Because last week, you could still email those folks valuable information and land in their inbox, you may not have landed in their feed, but in their inbox. So like I say, I really hope that you guys have been listening to me in this email lists, I’m determined to get everyone to grow, there’s another big one that is very helpful is to go live on it or go live on Facebook and help support your promotion. I know that when I show my face, as much as I don’t love to do it, I definitely get a greater reach. Okay, here is a protip for you create different landing pages for each channel. So if you’re setting up a promotion, and you’re putting it out on Facebook, and you’re putting it on Instagram, and you’re sending people to a specific page on your website, or whatever it may be, set up different landing pages. So you can AB test what’s working, where people clicking, that sort of data is really important to help you in future promotions. And while it might seem a little time consuming, I’m telling you that that data is worth your time. So that’s my pro tip for social media planning and email marketing, obviously, as well. How does that link click working and converting into sales. So let me now I’m going to share with you my 2020 holiday promotional schedule. I actually don’t promote anything within my business. I have a strictly holiday promotion that I have been doing for the last six years. And I create custom Santa letters. That’s right. There are these really great Santa letters on h paper with a wax seal. And we add in some great things for the kids to read and really engage. And I’ll tell you, it’s great for all ages. It’s so much fun. I send out thousands of them every year now they keep me quite busy. It started off as a way to make some extra money for the holidays several years ago, and now it is my full December and it’s gonna become pretty My November. So number one, I am going to be launching my Santa letters the earliest I ever have before last year, I launched them just before Thanksgiving, to allow people and to choose a date of when they want the letter sent. I hadn’t done that in years past of whenever the letter came in, I created it, I mailed it, I this past year in 2019 holiday season, I decided I’m going to give myself a little bit of a buffer because I was running into some issues with production. As the day got closer to my cutoff for shipping purposes, I was getting inundated with 800 in that 2018 year, and those last two days. And so unfortunately, I was like having friends come and wax seal and I had like bought out all the wax I could in my small town at that time. So what I did was I kind of sat back after that holiday season and thought, Okay, this is great that I was so successful. But one I wasted a whole lot of time to I’m buying food and paying friends and having all this kind of rigmarole happening to get these letters out to children. And I made some mistakes, you know, I, you know, copy and pasted incorrectly, because it was in a hurry. And it wasn’t the quality that I wanted. So when 2019 came around, I decided okay, I don’t want to have the same, you know, bottleneck at the end. So I had decided to launch early. So when 2020 when it was time to sit down and say okay, so what are we gonna do with Santa letters this year, my first thought was, well, I’m really not feeling completely confident in the Postal Service, getting the letters out in a timely fashion, Aaron, the typical fashion that I’ve been accustomed to. So I’m going to cut them off an even earlier than I ever had before. So we’re cutting them off the second week, beginning of the second week in December, to make sure that we have enough buffer that letters can get out in the timely fashion they need to a, so that led me to Well, I’m going to open them up to be even sooner, and to help push people to want to make that purchase early. Even if they say, Oh yeah, I’m gonna buy tomorrow.

But I don’t want you to mail that letter for three weeks, the whole bit there is is that I’m going to offer for my early lunch, the letters at $10, rather than 12. So for that whole first week of Santa letter lunch, you can pick your letter up for 10 bucks, and it’s off your checklist. The other item that I do is that I have a free download on the website, so you can download and print out this really cute letter to Santa. So you can print it off and have this really great experience with your kids. And write a letter to Santa and you’d like fill in the blanks, and it’s so much fun. And it’s sort of like that stepping stone because then they’re going to get a letter back from Santa. Um, one of my favorite things about this promotion is that, you know, not only is it like heartwarming, and all of the fun bits. But it’s really been beneficial to my business, not only do I kind of basically get to take off half of December to really spend time with my family, it’s also led to this sort of build up every year to this super happy time. So my promotion is sort of a two fold thing. One, my holiday promotion is something that’s pretty outside of the realm of my regular business, and a so then B this year, I’m doing an additional discount off of the rate of the letter to help push out an early launch due to the COVID restrictions and all of those things. So how you can utilize this in your businesses is number one, you’ve got to sit down and brainstorm some really great promotions that will be good for your business. And you don’t want to do something where you’re going to bottleneck yourself up and end up with more work than you can complete in a short period of time. You want to be really specific about that. Some great ones that you can utilize our guest certificates. If you are a photographer, and you want to, you know really promote gift certificate sales, you let them utilize them for next year. You know, give the gift to family photos and sell mini sessions for next spring or for Mother’s Day far out in the distance. It allows you to get some really great income coming in at the holiday season. And it also allows you to book yourself out. If you’re an author. You know, it’s time to You really want to start selling some of the those back titles.

So offer a book for free, offer a book that you get their email address so that you can send them more recent titles. grab something from the back, give it away and sell the recent ones. If you’re a course creator, give away module one of your course. tease them, say for this day only you get to download module one of my podcasting 101 course and let people watch module one. Well, if they love it, of course, they’re going to want to buy the rest of the series. It’s all about giving 9010 and receiving that sale. Okay, guys, so I know that we all struggle with creating beautiful graphics. And so I made you four gorgeous Canva templates, they are just squares, but you can utilize them and resize them however you need, that you can use in Canva. They’re totally free, head over to the link, download that great Canva template pack and utilize them in your planning. I can’t wait to see what your promotions are. I think it’s going to be amazing. Just remember that if you’re listening to this podcast episode on the day that it launches November 10 that Christmas is only 45 days away crazy. And the next episode we’re going to talk about how to create an About Me page for your website. The both establishes authority while showcasing your personality. I know that can be like a fine line and we have a really great like workbook. He got a guideline for you for that. Okay guys, good luck in your holiday promotions. I can’t wait to see you put out there. Take care. See you next week. Bye.

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