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Hi friend, my name is Rachel and I am the owner of two small businesses, an entrepreneur, speaker, graphic design, and momma of two pre-teens.

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November 3, 2020

Episode 07: 3 Things I Do To Start Each Day to Maximize My Productivity

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Description: For the last eight to nine months many of us have found ourselves working from home.  Now, this isn’t a new concept for my worklife as I have been for years.  In those years I have created a routine of 3 simple things to set myself up for success and I’m about to share them with you.

Hello friends and welcome to the conversion lab podcast. My name is Rachel Harper. Today, we’re going to be chatting about how I set myself up for success for each of my work days. I do three simple things each morning that equate productivity and mental health for me to complete all the things and I’m going to share them with you. I know for the last eight or nine months, many of us have found ourselves suddenly working from home. And that’s not a new concept. For me. I’ve been working from home for many years now. And I’ve created a routine of these three simple things that I do to set myself up for success. And I’m going to share them with you.

Because they seem so simple, but they can make really big changes in how you function throughout the day. So number one is I wake up at my regular hour. So if I got up at 6am for work, when I had a nine to five job, then I get up at 6am still. So for me, I get up between four and 5am. Depending on the day, I am a go to bed early get up early person. I’m a mama and so I have two kiddos that I have to prep and prepare for each day. And so I have to see that the prep and prepare has changed somewhat. At the end of last school year, they were homeschooled completely. And now they’re on this kind of awkward hybrid method where some days are in school and some days they’re home with me. It’s a lot to keep track of. But on the days they’re home with me, there’s suddenly this bit of flexibility where I could sleep in that extra hour every so often, but you won’t find me doing it.

I just feel that sticking to routine immensely helps my productivity. Also sticking to a sleep schedule is key to my mental health and it I hundred percent equate it to me being more productive. routine is an intricate piece of my work life balance. And I think you will find it beneficial as well. Whatever your routine is, and sticking to it. That’s key to success. I’m not saying that you need to get up at four or 5am and get started for the day. However, that routine looks for you picking the routine and sticking to it. That’s the two keys to this first step. So wake up at a reasonable regular hour that you typically would, because at some point, folks, we’re going back to work and the kids are going back to school. And that transition will be so much easier if we’re sticking to a routine in this sort of Willy wonky time. Number two and my kids think this one’s funny, but you need to get dressed. I know, I know, I know.

Why do you need to put pants on if no one’s gonna see you other than your dog. But getting dressed establishes a boundary that it is now work hours and you’re ready to show up and be seen in your business. I know this sounds so crazy, but I’m telling you that it’s really important for you to mentally step in to that place in the day. That it is now work type especially for those of you who are new to working from home on a consistent basis, I have a great office space at my house. And when I was looking for a new home, I had to make sure that I had a separate office space. I don’t want my office to be the living room or my bedroom, that leads to you know, TV watching, maybe reading a book, taking a nap, all things that you wouldn’t normally do in the work day. So you want to establish that boundary. And by getting dressed, and I’m not saying you got to be dressed all up or whatnot for the day, but getting out of the pajamas, right? washing your face, brushing your teeth, maybe putting on a little bit of makeup, whatever it may be set that boundary that it’s now work time. I even make my kids get dressed and brush their hair, and stick to a school routine on the homeschool days. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t push them to get up as early and I don’t push them to do as much right away in the mornings. But I have one kiddo who does and one who doesn’t. But it’s going to allow for an easier transfer and transition when it’s time this time has passed and we’re ready to return to hopefully somewhat a more normal lifestyle. Yes, there are times I have work meetings and you’ll see me sitting at my desk in a dress.

Yes, there are times I do presentations and I will spend a little bit more time getting ready. But for the most part, for instance, today I’m in leggings in a comfy sweater, but I’m dressed and I’m sitting at my desk, and it is now work hours. Just washing my face and getting out of my PJs gives me the vigor I need to start my day. That my pot of coffee. Now, number three, and this one’s tough for me. And it’s been really difficult for me over the years. But you got to eat breakfast folks. And like I say, it’s really tough. I think it’s tough for a lot of people. But it is the key to not feeling those yucky lows mid morning. Now I kind of do it a little different. And you can too. I start my morning with coffee and some water and I lead about an hour go by, before I prepare a light breakfast, I don’t eat a heavy breakfast, I 100% eat something like, I’m not typically hungry when I first wake up. And so I allow myself the grace to eat a little later. And it’s led to a lot more success in the morning meal department I before was always oh not hungry, I don’t want anything. And because I just kind of threw my hands up about it. I never really ate breakfast. And I constantly found myself getting hangry mid morning. And instead of eating at that point, I would typically just opt for another cup of coffee or something. So eating breakfast is super key. And it doesn’t have to be this huge to do meal prep breakfast. I love breakfast shakes. You know, a little protein powders some fruit, I use a milk substitute, and it’s refreshing and it helps keep me mentally strong for the workday ahead. I just really find that eating breakfast and getting something in my belly has immensely helped me to stay focus throughout the day.

Okay, I know these were simple, I know that you already know them. It’s just a matter of putting them into place and keeping them there. Right? Can you do it for 30 days? Can you for the next 30 days, wake up at the same time every morning, get dressed and eat breakfast? Well, of course you can. So do it. See the big changes that makes to your day? I think you will be overwhelmingly surprised at how those three simple things can really change how you are productive and how your day flows. Okay, I want to hear from you. I want to hear how you start your day do you follow routine? Do you just wing it has COVID led to some more relaxed start send me a DM over on Instagram. I want to hear about how you start your days. What your struggles are because being productive and taking care of yourself leads to you being able to show up in your business in the best way possible. Okay, folks, this episode is a short one because it’s up bonus Week. This week. I’m dropping an additional episode on planning and preparing for your Black Friday promotions. It will be landing on Friday. It’s going to have a great freebie with it. We have a huge module hitting the conversion lounge on Friday, as well all about Black Friday promotions. I can’t wait to share with you my tips and my planning tools that I use to promote my Black Friday promotion. I have this really great business Christmas time I make handmade Santa letters, and I’m going to tell you about how I launch it each year. Okay, guys, take care. Get out there and vote today.

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