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October 12, 2020

Episode 02: Create Communication that Converts with Dubsado

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Hello friends, and welcome to Episode Two of the conversion lab podcast. My name is Rachel and I’m your hostess. I am so excited. You’re here at my table with me today, friends.

Okay, so today we’re going to be chatting about creating communication that converts with Dubsado. Now that you have a homepage design that is working for your business, it’s time to create communication that converts with Dubsado. Dubsado is a client management tool that I cannot live without in my business. I’ve been using it for several years now across multiple types of business. And I just haven’t found a tool that I like more. I know there’s a lot of popular other options out there. But I am 100% going to recommend Dubsado to you.

In this episode, we’re going to chat about the initial client workflow and how that converts in my business and how you can make it work in yours. And this episode’s freebie is you get to steal my client welcome workflow. So make sure you grab that download on the website, guys. Okay, so you want to communicate in a fashion that is both immediate, concise, and comprehensive. When you land on the website, and you fill out that contact form, we chatted about this last week, you want the client to have an availability to immediately contact you. Adding that contact form to the homepage is super important to helping to convert those leads into clients. So now they fill out the contact form, what happens, what happens is is they now land into my CRM, they are now in Dubsado for me, and they immediately get an initial email for me. Now this immediate email, he gives you three really important pieces of information, it allows me to communicate with you immediately and to exceed your expectations almost from the very first start. So I’m first going to tell you a little bit more about my business, but not directly, not in the manner that is my business is this I began my business, none of that, we’re going to be communicating by tone by brand. So you’re going to have your brand colors there, you’re going to have your logo there, you’re going to have that really great email header in there. And if you are a member of the conversion lounge, you’ll know that there’s some awesome templates in there to help you create email headers for dubsado and footers. That just wow, new clients. And if you’re not a member of the lounge yet head over, it’s in beta seven day free trial and 50% off with code tacos for life. super beneficial to small business owners, all kinds of great content in there. More about that on a different day. Okay, so you’re going to have that great email. And in that email, it’s going to start off with that it’s going to give you the tone, the tone of my business, how I chat, how I talk how my brand speaks, then I’m going to give you a timeframe. I’m going to give you a timeframe that is reasonable, but also doesn’t put me in a lurch. So so many times I’ve read and listened and seen where Oh yes, tell them you’re going to get a hold of them, you know, in the next 24 hours or less than 24 hours. But that’s not always feasible and you don’t want to put that restriction on your business. So give a reasonable amount of time. Two to three business days. Oh, okay. So I know I won’t hear from them until Wednesday or Thursday. And then if you’re able, and you can hop on and you can respond to them in a more timely fashion, then you’ve just exceeded their expectations. But don’t set yourself up for failure in this very first communication. By choosing a timeframe, that doesn’t actually work for you. It’s really important to know your business and how you if you don’t incorporate a timeline that actually works for you, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Okay, so there’s a couple of options here. So one is that you can give them that time frame, you can say, Hey, this is when I am going to contact you back. The second option, which is the one I love, is I allow them to schedule a coffee date with me right there. One of the things I love about Dubsado is that it has a built in scheduler, and I have my calendar attached, and I have my availability in there. And you can come in and you can schedule a coffee date with me. And it allows the client to take control. So if they’re looking and they say, Oh, I won’t hear from them until Wednesday or Thursday, possibly, I’ll just go ahead and schedule. So then they can schedule with you. And it’s an item author to do lists. So if I own a wedding photography business, and I send out this really great scheduler link, and I can go ahead and schedule out appointments for people, then boom, I’m already one step closer to having that lead turned into a client from that scheduler link. They can either schedule obviously, or they can opt to just wait for me to communicate back with them when I have the capacity to do so. The next item is you want to give them some more content, you want to give them a free download, you want to give them a welcome guide, you want to say hey, go listen to this podcast that I did on X, Y and Z, I think it’ll really benefit you in the meantime. So give them another morsel, give them another piece of us some more content for them to consume. It’s incredibly important that you never leave the client wondering what the next step is. So to go back through that real quick, you’re going to tell them about your business via tone. Having that really great header, having that really great content, allowing them to know when to expect to receive your next communication or allowing them to just go ahead and schedule that next appointment, then you want to give them some content, something a free, download a welcome guide, something simple. It doesn’t have to be, you know, a thought out tire module for a course, it needs to be something that will allow them to consume it quickly. And allow them to want to book you even more.

You want to keep them at communication flowing. By providing them information on what the next steps are, make it very clear in that email that you will contact them, it will be in this time frame or they can schedule with you and you will have a meeting with them. And the scheduler itself has a whole different component to it, where it sends out you know, you set up its own emails to follow up and all of those items. The next piece is that personalized follow up that next bit of communication. Now this piece of communication happens no matter what. Either they have communicated with you and said, okay, hey, yeah, go ahead and just email me back by not scheduling a coffee date. So I’m going to say to them, Hey, thank you so much for landing on my website. It’s so great to meet you, friend, when would work to chat. Or I’ve looked and they have scheduled and they have gotten the reminder email for that. But I’m then going to send them a follow up email for that scheduler, because I allow people to choose either phone or video. If it’s phone, there’s not really another bit of communication that needs to be created regarding that. But if it’s video that I’m sending them the video links, so then I would follow up with an email. That’s pretty simple. Thanks so much for scheduling a coffee day. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. I see you chose video here’s that link will connect on Tuesday. Also, please be on the lookout for a separate email. I sent you a coffee card for our coffee date. That’s right friends, when I schedule coffee dates, and then initial communication. I send out a Starbucks gift card to those possible new clients so they can truly have a coffee date with me. Now they may opt to not grab that coffee for the meeting. They may have it a different day. But I will tell you when ever I have done that with a potential client there’s so thanks For, I always get an immediate response back that says, Oh my gosh, thank you so much the coffee, it’s a really great way to connect. It’s a really great way to to exceed expectations and really set that level of expectation between you and the potential client. So today we chatted about, you know, creating great communication through Dubsado, allowing that program to really help you in your business. How does utilizing Dubsado help you be seen? Well, you can exceed expectations with a coffee date. It allows clients to get that immediate bit of communication with you, you’re being seen again. So website being seen, email correspondence being seen, it allows you to scale your business by setting up automations. Stop giving yourself so much busy work, let the program work for you. And what does it do to help you sell your business? It lets you showcase your brand, show them who you are, show them what to expect what it’s like working with you. Let them see your brand. Okay, friends, thank you so much for hopping on today. In our next episode, we’re going to be chatting about building our scaling your email list and three simple steps, you’re not going to want to miss this one. Don’t forget to hop over and grab that great download. If you don’t use a client management tool or you’re looking to switch, grab up Dubsado we have a link on the website, you can get 20% off your first month or year using that link. And if you’re not already a member of the conversion lounge, why not? There’s so many great resources in there. Talking about branding, show it website design flow desk, email marketing, setting up Dubsado we have a really great module launching very soon in regards to launching your own podcast and launching a course or product those two I’m really excited about. Okay friends, we’ll hear from you soon. Bye.

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Access My FREE Client Workflow Module here: https://theconversionlounge.podia.com/steal-my-client-welcome-workflow-for-dubsado

Dubsado: Signup and save 20% off your first month or year here: https://www.dubsado.com/?c=rachel

The Conversion Lounge: Signup and save 50% off your membership (use code: tacos) and enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial: https://theconversionlounge.podia.com/the-conversion-lounge

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