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Hi friend, my name is Rachel and I am the owner of two small businesses, an entrepreneur, speaker, graphic design, and momma of two pre-teens.

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October 26, 2020

Episode 06: Create a Welcome Series That Nurtures

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Description: So you finally set-up your email marketing program and now it’s time to create that welcome series that all the gurus talk about, except all that you see is a blinking cursor.  Meet the HAWS method.  

Hello friends and welcome to episode six of the conversion lab podcast. My name is Rachel Harper and I’m your host. Today we’re going to talk about creating a welcome series that nurtures so you finally set up your email marketing program. And now it’s time to create that welcome series. All the Guru’s talk about except all you see is a blinking cursor. Well, I’m going to teach you the hazed method. Because friend, I’ve been there, I absolutely loads content creation that involves writing, it’s just not my strong suit and never has been. I spend far too much time writing and rewriting only to be underwhelmed with the end product of can you relate. When I first began teaching email marketing, I realized that while I didn’t love writing the content, then I need a plan to create it. Because loving are not a welcome series that nurtures is the only way to grow a healthy newsletter list. And that’s what we need friends. And a healthy newsletter list leads to business growth, hence, the has method. Okay, step one, the Hello email. In this very first email, I welcome my clients to my community. And whether you are a photographer, a course creator, whatever it may be, you’re a community, you’re building a community around your service. So if you’re a photographer, and you take senior pictures, all of the seniors who are interested to have their photos taken by you, they become your community. So you want to share with them what it’s like to join you. I tell them an abbreviated version of what to expect for me. And then I share all my links, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, my pocket where you can find me, then I tell them, they can expect another email from me tomorrow with a freebie. So I want I want to entice them to not want to unsubscribe, I want to give them a little bit of information. And I want to say thank you basically for signing up for my list. Whether that was signing up by getting the downloadable or just directly signing up for my list. I have workflows built in for both. Now step two is the about you email. Here, I introduce myself, I’ll give a little information on my business background and who I am. This allows lis members to relate to me. Now I kind of like to do like sort of a funny vibe to mine. And I know that there’s plenty of research out there of what you should do and how it should be in writing the perfect bio. But I really had a lot of people reach out honestly and say things to me in regards to the fact that I share how much of a Marvel fan I am that I love the office. There’s these things that are relatable. And I’ve gotten tested before. I’ve had a gentleman write to me and asked me a very specific question about an Avengers movie. And I think he thought I was full of it until I was able to answer it like in three seconds. Simple question if your actual Marvel fan, but nonetheless, he hired me and I built a website for him. So you can see where showing your personality and this about you email can be really beneficial to your business. I also provide the download, I promise

From the last email, you, of course want to provide what you said you were going to. And I also send list members to my website and highlight an episode from the podcast that corresponds with the freebie. So if you’ve been around the conversion lab at all, you know that we have a freebie with each episode. And so not only am I pushing a freebie and showcasing what I’m able to do, I’m also helping to increase my listenership of my podcasts by sending them for that piece too. So it’s sort of a double dip. And I’m giving I’m following that 9010 rule where I am giving content.

Now step three, I have a three day break here. So I if you joined my newsletter list, you would immediately get step one, the ah, the Hello email. And then the following day, the a the about you email. So you would get those ones back to back. If you downloaded a freebie for me, I deliver the freebie immediately, wait a day, and then you drop into my welcome series. So that’s the only little change there in the timeline, then I like to give a break before we get to the WTO. So I have a three day time break, before I send the what to expect email. Here, I present a problem, right that the listener can relate to, and I solve it for them. I also provide an additional freebie here. So with a call to action, that I will be landing in their inbox again. So I want them to know I’m coming back again. So I’ve given them two freebies now, and I’m letting them know, Hey, I’m gonna land in your inbox again tomorrow, with an even bigger, better solution to this problem I have presented. So let me just give you the example that I use in mind. So I talk about how I’ve helped business growth over the past 12 years that I’ve worked with thousands of clients, whether it be one on one speaking engagements, doing online webinars and courses, and I talk about the frustration that I feel in my own business when it comes to marketing. I talk about all the things I’ve tried and what hasn’t worked. And what ended up really working for me what made my business shine and stand out. I talked about how it’s hard work to build a business because we all know it is. And then I say, you know, here’s the thing, my strategies have helped hundreds overcome those challenges. And now they’re thriving in their businesses. And I simply asked, Are you ready to dive in, head over and listen to my favorite episode on productivity? I send them to a podcast episode, I talked to them about downloading, get another freebie, right. And I’m solving a problem for them. I’m giving them a teaser piece of information that says, hey, here you go, right. Here’s a problem that we all face. Because if you’re on my list, you face this problem, too. And then from there, I’m saying, I really struggled with productivity. Here’s how I overcame that. And then I share at the very end, keep an eye on your inbox. Because tomorrow I’m going to share with you all the tools you need packaged up in a pretty bell. So I’m telling you, here’s this problem. I know it’s really hard to build a business. I know it’s, there’s so many strategies out there. There’s so many courses out there. And what you know, you feel overwhelmed. And ah, I’m giving you a little bit of background on me as well saying I’ve been working in this business, this industry for 12 plus years, I’ve worked with lots of clients. And here’s what I can do for you. So I just telling them what to expect, you know, they’re going to expect to hear more content from me, they’re going to expect to see me in their inbox again. And then we get to number four, step four, the s the sale email. So I finally tell them about my paid program and how it can benefit them. Okay, so I haven’t even mentioned my paid program and these first three emails, I’m just giving them all this great information that they can consume on their own timeline before I even mention my paid program. Right. So step four, the sales email and keep in mind that rule 9010 you’re given 90% before you finally ask for that sale. Okay. And in this fourth email, I not a super salesy person, I don’t purchase that way. So I tend to not communicate that way. And you know, this is sort of, you have to see what fits with your brand and for my brand, I’m not super salesy.

I like to present here’s all this really great information that you can consume. And if you ready to consume it, here is the avenue to do so. So I give a rundown of what’s in the conversion lounge, how you can benefit from it. Here’s how you can sign up. And I entered the email with keep an eye on your inbox because more good stuffs coming your way. Because every week when these great podcast episodes come out, hi, email you and tell you the new episodes drop with the freebie attached. If I have something really awesome to share with you midweek I’ll shoot off an email to the list. It’s all about nurturing that list. And will people necessarily buy off of that sales email? Maybe not. But the point is, is that you have given given given before you have asked for that sale. So you want to follow that 9010 rule throughout. Okay, so let’s go back through the pause method. Just a quick overview. Step one is the Hello, email. Thank you for joining my list. And welcome. Step two all about you. You’re going to introduce yourself, give a little information on your business, your background, I highly recommend personalizing this bit of content, add in a photo of you and your family. Whatever makes you relatable to your audience. Step three. And once again, I take a little break there. So I’m hitting you with content hitting you with content, then back off, don’t want to be a stalker, I give a three day break. And then I say here’s what to expect. Here’s what to expect from my community. Here’s what to expect from content that’s going to come from me. And I promise again, I’m going to be in your inbox tomorrow. Here’s another freebie. And then step four, I finally sell you, I finally say, Hey, I have this really great paid program where you can go in and you can grow your business through all of this awesome content, and we drop new content every week. Okay, so I use the hazed method, to create a welcome series that’s nurturing, and gives content that your list would like to see. They want to know what to expect from your community. I recently signed up for this really, I really love this gal. I’m not going to say her name, but I signed up for her email list. I liked her on social media. And I thought, Oh, I’m really excited to see you know what content she has. She shows up in a really great way on Facebook. And I love it. I love her energy and all of it. So I signed up for her newsletter list. And I saw the first email comes in at open and I immediately recognize its flow desk and I was like, Oh, yeah, okay, good. And then I realized that she’s only written me like two sentences have content. And for me, it was lackluster. It wasn’t even two epic sentences. There was nothing to really gather from that email. And in all honesty, I unsubscribed. I still see her content on social media. Don’t get me wrong, because I think she’s really great at showing up on social, but she’s not really great at showing up in her newsletter list. I implore you to put that time and effort into nurturing that newsletter list. If something happens with Facebook, or Instagram or Pinterest or any social media platform tomorrow, it’s all gone. But you can still email your clients or your newsletter list out of your program. They are leads that you should nurture and that you should intently pay attention to. Okay, guys, so here we go. How does this affect the three S’s? How does this How does using the Haas method to create a really great welcome series help your business to be seen? Well, creating a list that is healthy is the best way to get your business seen. So if your newsletter list is massive, but your open rate is really low, you don’t have a healthy newsletter list. People are only there to either have gotten a freebie at some point.

And or you know they just signed up for something along the way in your newsletter list is not healthy. We’re gonna dive in on a later episode and we’re gonna actually we have it slated for some content in the lounge, talking about cleaning up those newsletter lists and even though that big number might drop, you’ll see that open rate in that list, you know, health get better, but we’re going to talk about that later. So it helps your business be seen by just that you’re being seen will help you scale your business.

By you know, a growing newsletter list is the fastest way to grow your business. When you have a newsletter list, that it’s chock full of cheerleaders, and they hang on your content, they can’t wait to get it. The minute you send out a new product offering their one clicking it, they immediately see Oh, so and so has a news presets for the fall, I’m going to pick those up, I just love her presets, and they don’t even think twice about it. That’s how a nurtured newsletter list could benefit your business. So I’ve created a has worksheet for you to go through and work on your own content and build that out. If you want to deep dive into the highest method, we will be launching content in the conversion lounge coming up with that will even help you with copy, writing and some props. It’s a really fun module we have on the schedule to be created. And you’ll find that link in the show notes and join our list, go through our welcome series and see how it looks. And then you too can receive all the goodness. Okay guys, next week, we’re going to be diving into Dubsado and how a project management tool can increase your productivity. This week, we’re dropping our first full module of content on setting up Dubsado in the lounge, I highly recommend if you’ve been thinking about a CRM, and you want to know how Dubsado works, so you should join the lounge, grab that seven day free trial minimum and eat up that module that module drops on Thursday this week. So stay connected for that as well. And I can’t wait to talk to you all next week. Hey, if you guys are loving this content, please like and share head over to Apple and give us a five star review. It really helps us get seen more. Okay guys, have a great week. I hope you’re productive. Take care. Bye

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