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Hi friend, my name is Rachel and I am the owner of two small businesses, an entrepreneur, speaker, graphic design, and momma of two pre-teens.

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Building the Client Experience - The Perfect Website Homepage


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October 9, 2020

Episode 01: Building the Client Experience – The Perfect Website Homepage

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Hello friends and welcome. Hi, I’m so incredibly excited to have you here at my table. This is our very first episode of the conversion lab podcast. And to say that I’m excited would be an understatement. My name is Rachel Harper. My friends call me Rachel. I was born and raised in rural Ohio and I am a Buckeye at heart.

I began my career in hospitality, more specifically in the wedding industry. And about 12 years ago when my children were born and I pivoted into a role that allowed me to have some more flexibility with my weekends. I began by doing social media management, and some really poorly done website design in Wix also outdated right. Now, some years later, I have honed my skills, I do coaching, consulting, speaking, podcast development and branding. I love working one on one with my clients. But this podcast has been something I’ve been dreaming of for so long. bringing great resources to the creative business world is definitely my superpower. I wanted to begin by telling you a little bit about what to expect each week, or each episode from the podcast.

Each week, I’m going to bring you actionable tools that you can implement in your creative business strategy. I’m going to walk you through three concepts. They are how to get your business to be seen how to scale your business and how to sell your business, also known as the three S’s of the conversion lounge. Now, what’s the conversion lounge?

Well, it’s this really great membership site, you can find all the resources you need to grow your creative business. We’ll talk more about that later.

Today, we’re going to talk about offering an elevated client experience. And we’re going to be discussing this over the next several episodes. But this really begins with communication. Communication is the cornerstone of getting your business seen. I know that sounds crazy, right? I’m telling you, you need to talk to be seen. But the moment a client lands on your website or a lead or a potential client, on your website, they begin the client experience with you. So I’m going to say that again. The client experience it begins the minute a lead lands on your website, it is truly your digital business card. It is one of the most important investments in your small business. We’re going to talk today about the perfect homepage, what components need to be included and how to turn that homepage in to a selling tool that converts for you. Okay, so let’s let’s just dive right in. The first piece that we have to discuss before we ever begin mapping out what that homepage is going to look like or what content is going to be on there is we need to first decide what we’re trying to communicate. So we need to communicate our purpose. So what is the purpose of your business? Is it to sell products? Is it to sell services? Are you trying to build an email list and grow your subscriber base? Are you trying to teach to your community, your website must communicate your purpose.

So before you Ever begin mapping out that homepage, we need to make sure that we have that right at the top of the page. You’ll see along with each week of the conversion lab, there’ll be a great PDF download to go with each episode, I highly recommend getting a three ring binder, and start putting each one of those in there and start building out your business Bible. in there, you’ll be able to see your growth and you’ll be able to truly work on your business. Now, if you’ve already downloaded the homepage audit checklist.

You’ll see on here that right at the top we have what is your purpose? What are you trying to communicate to those leaves that land on your website, and you never want to lose sight of what that purpose is. Okay, now let’s dive into the meat of it, how to map out your homepage design. There’s two schools of thought as far as the very tip top of that website. Along the very tip top, we can have a nice call to action above navigation above anything up there. If we’re launching a program, if we’re trying to drive traffic into a specific item, it’s not a must. It’s just an idea to keep in mind that having that CTA or call to action at the top of that website can really make people stop and it’s the very first thing they say. Now, the next piece, the most important piece, I’m going to tell you right now is the intro, you want to write a powerful headline that lands above the fold. Now what’s above the fold. It’s an old newspaper term and a bath many many moons ago and I was in high school and took journalism with Doc Henry and any other Ashland high school graduates will remember Doc Henry. Above the fold is anything that lands above when a newspaper is folded in half that top section, a website needs to convey some content and or communicate immediately. I go on websites, they’re gorgeous all the time. And they have a you know, a beautiful image or gallery, or video even right there.

But I don’t even really understand what the purpose of your businesses, I don’t understand you’re not communicating with me. It’s really important that right there at the beginning of your website, that you have a very, very strong headline powerful as to what your business is trying to convey. You’re going to communicate with me on mmediately. So you’ll see on the checklist that I have in your intro, you’re going to want to have that powerful headline and it needs to land above the fold, aka above me needing to scroll to find it. Next, we want to include our elevator pitch. And if you’ve never written an elevator pitch, it’s time to do it. content on that homepage is key to communicating with these potential clients. Next, you’re going to build your funnel. Now, I know we’ve all used the word funnel, or we’ve heard the word funnel. And it scares us sometimes. But your home page funnel is very simple. In so many ways, it’s going to help drive traffic to other pages on your website. It’s going to help you sell your services or your shop items. And it’s going to tell about you and your company as well as give them information where to find you other places on social media and those sorts of avenues. So you want to begin your funnel by talking about your services or your shop items, whichever you might have both in all honesty, so if so, choose the one that nets you the greatest income, and then put that one in first, and then move on to an about you and a company section on your website. Next, you’re going to have that social media media funnel. And what I mean by that is all your links, you want people to be able to find you everywhere.

I’m going to talk about social media on and off. I’m not an expert in social media. I know it’s important. I know a lot about social media, but it’s constantly changing. I know for a fact that I can’t give you knowledgeable information today that will necessarily matter tomorrow. So we’re going to talk about social media but just touch the surface of it throughout this podcast. Next, you’re going to build your email list. This is something that I know so much about. Having a really great strong email list is one of the most important pieces to only a creative business. And why I say this is because you control that content. You control your website, you control your email list, you don’t control what Facebook’s going to do today, or what Instagrams going to implement tomorrow, you don’t have control of your social media. It is an important component to your marketing strategy. But it isn’t the most important component, having a really well thought out and mapped out homepage and building that email list. Those are the two most important pieces to your business strategy. So a couple of things I like to tell clients to do is to come up with either some exclusive content, or a freebie download of some sort give clients potential clients on your website to help build that list. something more than just join my newsletter, you want to give them something to start something tangible as they feel like they walked away with it. I also love using pop ups on the homepage to help generate leads into my newsletter list. So that’s a great area to have a call to action. So once again, just to just go back through how the funnel is going. So far, we have our above the fold, we have our powerful headline, then we have our elevator pitch.

Now we’re going to drive traffic to other pages by highlighting our services or our shop items are about you or your company or combination of both depending on how your business is structured, social media funnel, an email list subscribe area with some great free exclusive content. And then contact information. You don’t want to drive people down that homepage funnel and then leave them hanging so that they have to figure out how to contact you, they may want to book you right away, they might not feel any need to go out to other pages, they’ve may already have seen enough and then like boom, this is who I want to work with. Or at least they want to set up a meeting with you so that they can have a coffee date and get to know you better and see if the two of you will be a good fit to move forward. Now this is a piece where some people, you know disagree that you don’t necessarily need to have a CRM in your integrated into your business. But I highly, highly recommend that you do I use Dubsado, we’re going to talk about Dubsado a lot on this podcast episode. In the conversion lounge, we go in depth into how to create workflows, how to create proposals, how to set up Dubsado utilizing, show it in your business. So in this area, I highly recommend that you have your CRM integration. The reason being is this is just a quick way for you to be able to communicate immediately.

If I’m a lead on your website, and I’m ready to get more information from you. We live in a culture that demands information to be at our fingertips and snap, it’s there. So if I have a lead form set up on my homepage, and that lead hits into my CRM, I can immediately have it set up that an email response to them saying thank you for this correspondence. Here is either another page on my website you can check out here is the latest episode on my podcast you can listen to, and I will be in contact with you in the next 24 to 48 hours. And it doesn’t matter what that amount of time is, it could be two to three business days, all the matters is that you have communicated with them immediately. You are already exceeding expectations in that client experience. They have received immediate communication from you. This is key to growth in your business. We’re going to talk a whole lot about Dubsado and instituting a CRM into your business in later episodes. So stay connected for that. Last but not least, is a strong footer. And what’s a strong footer? You won’t believe this maybe but did you know that your footer is SEO gold. I know crazy, but it shows up on every page. And that impacts your business SEO greatly. It’s important that you have links there. It’s important to have ways to be communicated with there. It’s also a great place to put links out to pages that you wouldn’t necessarily have as part of your main navigation, such as facts and questions, you know, frequently asked or your privacy policy. Having a strong footer is really important to your website in general, but a great way to end that beautiful new homepage. So How does your homepage stack up? I want you to download it, download the home page audit checklist, it will help you create a home page that connects engages and converts. Go through the checklist, revamp your home page if it needs it. And let’s see if you don’t see some movement.

So, number one, how do you get your business seen? By creating a website that speaks to your ideal client? Who’s your ideal client? Well, stay tuned. We’re gonna dive into that soon. But number one seen? How do you get your business seen? You need to make sure you map out an intentional website that funnels into that purpose so that you are conveying and you are communicating with your ideal client the moment they land on your website. Number two scale, how do you scale your business with your website?

It is those CTAs those call to actions, make sure you’re creating something that can’t go unnoticed, create a desirable freebie, not the same as everyone else. I know we all get into this imposter syndrome issue. And you really have to create content that is begging to be accessed. That way. You will scale your business you’ll scale that newsletter list, you will scale that client list all the above with a really powerful homepage.

And then finally sell. How do you sell your business with your website homepage? By creating home page funnel that connects engages and lastly converts. So download that really great audit checklist. Start working your way through it, and I guarantee you will see some movement in your business. All right. On the next episode, we’re going to talk about why using Dubsado in my business creates communication that converts I can’t wait to dive into this topic with you next. Thank you all for being here. Have an awesome day. Chat soon. Bye friends

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Download: 9 Tips For a Homepage That Converts: Homepage Audit Checklist here: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5f80a39c7e26d177de0e880c

Dubsado: Signup and save 20% off your first month or year here: https://www.dubsado.com/?c=rachel

The Conversion Lounge: Signup and save 50% off your membership and enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial: https://theconversionlounge.podia.com/the-conversion-lounge

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